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Your personal 70-page nail technician folder and workbook "Various designs"


Draw directly on the folder, dry the drawings with a UV/LED lamp for recording! 

If necessary, you can take apart the physical folder at any time, trace with your finger and practice your hand. The folder is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.


What exactly does it contain?

• The folder contains more than ten step-by-step designs

• Black paper so you can practice 3D flowers or other ornaments on it

•Different and several free nail shapes for drawing

•Many different exercises for lines and curls

•Descriptions of possibilities for using Mosaic products

• Design tutorials that you can also do directly on the nails

•If you are already making 3D flowers, the Vitra rose explanation and exercise page is also included in the folder. You only need the Vitra gel:) If not, it will remain for you to enjoy in the future!(online training is also available, training for folder owner -20%, ask for discount code)

•Different tricks hidden in design tutorials

•Ideas for placing pebbles in a minimized form

•As a gift, you can store Mosaic paints in a chest, so that the paint does not get wasted or get dusty with each practice! Store the box in a drawer and keep it out of the sun!😋 Otherwise, your stored colors will dry out✨


You can find all the products shown in the map at


- Clean the surface with acetone soaked in nail alpha and start practicing!

-Dry the done exercises/drawings 30sec-1min with a UV/LED lamp.

-Pat the sticky drawings clean with the Finishing Wipe, let them dry a bit and continue!

Nail technician folder


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