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A story

Of me

My journey started with my mother and grandmother, as a little girl, seeing different nails being done all the time. Yes, my mother and grandmother were also nail technicians, but at that time they made fabric nails. I remember how often I asked my mother "Can I have nails like that?" Of course, my mother didn't make them for me even after a lot of nagging, but always always said "Grow a little, you'll get bigger, then we'll make it." All the time I was waiting for when I would get these nails, so it can be called a dream come true.



Another dream come true in the nail world is cooperation with the Mosaic brand. I remember how I looked at the designs made in Mosaic a long time ago when I was still relatively early in my nail journey. My mission is to help bring out your creativity and raise awareness of high quality products that allow you to create wonderful art comfortably and easily. Based on my experience, I can say that it is very important which products we use in our work so that we get the desired result.


The vision is not to lose art from the nail world. In today's world, we see a lot of clean work with a single color design, which is also very beautiful, but there is so much gold under this wave that is not noticed. The possibilities that can be created for the nails remain unnoticed. We are all aware of monochromatic nails, but are we also aware of the art that actually lies in the world of nails? How many different colors, shades, pebbles, foils, pigments, stamps, sparkles, etc. All this can also be used in a diffused monochrome design. It is abundant to have different skills so that there are options for what else to create for the nails.

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